Top 5 Smart Helmet For Motorcycle

Top 5 Smart Helmet For Motorcycle

Cross Helmet X1 

Cross helmet x1 was designed to be the answer to the problem of user distraction during rides providing 360-degree visibility noise cancellation as well as smartphone connectivity to drivers in one smooth and easily operable package it helps eliminate blind spots with the use of advanced HUD technology and it has been shown to project images and video onto the HUD through the use of its built-in wide-angle rearview camera driving with the cross hum at x1 feels like you've got technologically advanced than a super-efficient rearview mirror and this function helps you observe events happening behind and around you with minimum head movements it also helps you increase or reduce the loudness of environmental sounds with the use of the convenient cross sound equalizer on the cross hominem which comes in very handy when you're in an environment with high ambient noise you can connect your cross helmet x1 to your smartphone using Bluetooth and make use of its voice command ability to play music control Siri or Okay Google and even make phone calls

Jаrvіѕh X AR Helmet 

The Jarvish X AR is the final word in vehicular safety especially designed to provide the best safety-enhancing features including Jarvish distraction-free voice activation and optical waveguide technology the X AR is the device of choice for riders who prefer visual instructions if you're concerned about lighting conditions then relax the X AR projections are totally visible even in the glaring light and the HUD can be controlled through the use of voice command among the options available to the user include the ability to display directions provide information about weather conditions as well as speed hazard road signs and incoming caller Ids you can also record events occurring during the ride with the help of a 2k built in front camera as well as a 2k rear-facing camera which can be activated on demand by voice command these provide total visibility during drives and enhanced driver safety to the highest possible standards if you're so inclined you can broadcast this recorded video to your social media page by using a very convenient voice command you can also establish a connection to services such as Amazon Alexa Apple Siri or ok Google through voice activation as well as control cameras make calls and play music without any extra distractions

Argоn Transform Helmet 

The argon transform does is integrate various functions into one seamless easy-to-use interface it combines hang our heads up display rear camera and quick and easy access to GPS with a unique design to help keep your eyes on the road and limit distractions the argon transform comes with added protection in the form of an ear 180-degree rear camera which keeps you aware of your environment you can receive calls with just the touch of a button and follow GPS navigation without being overly distracted the device itself is extremely durable and can stand up to a variety of extreme environmental conditions including dust heat and cold it provides real-time information through a high-definition translucent display with the option of brightness control and wireless connection control with buttons on the handlebar the argon transform is easy to install and extremely convenient to use providing OneTouch access to image capture starts top and front dashcam recording in addition to seamless intercom communication channel for riders up to distances of 100 acres of heart

Lіvе Mар Hеlmеt 

The live map helmet is a prototype motorcycle helmet that uses augmented reality for navigation providing details such as street names speed and turn-by-turn directions straight to your field of
vision it makes you so unique they are the technology to provide a stunning projected color transparent image a massive improvement over more traditional display styles this image provides information about the roof with little or no distraction to the rider and can be toggled to provide more information whenever convenient it uses an automatic adjustment of output to provide top-notch image quality even in the forest of weather conditions and it can be connected to your iPhone or Android smartphone to let you access services such as Siri or Google

іC-R Mоtоrсусlе Helmet 

iC-R motorcycle helmet it is a well-known fact that motorcycle riders have a 210-degree blind spot around them which predisposes to accidents while the ICR works around this problem with the use of two integrated display lenses that provide real-time video streamed from the two rearview cameras on the back of the helmet it greatly improves the field of vision providing close to a full 360 degrees experience the HUD has been demonstrated to be able to display functions from connected devices as well as monitor movements through the use of a sensor that gives off an LED and sound-based warning when approaching vehicles to get within 240 feet of the helmet this audio
is heard through a set of internal speakers that also provides a warning for approaching traffic low battery life and other helmet related alerts one of the IC ARS most fun features is its ability to be combined with a number of devices and the Internet giving you the opportunity to download updates as well as communicate with other IC our helmets through Bluetooth you also get access to information about navigation weather reports media libraries and other entertainment functions and if your battery runs low you can simply charge it through a power port located at the back of the helmet or with the use of a solar panel

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